Episode Notes

One of our absolute favorite artists - Sean Tobin - stopped by our studio recently to talk about his newly released single “Song for the End of the World” as well as his album, Hands Like Mine, set to be released on November 10th. Hands Like Mine was written and produced by Tobin, and made alongside longtime band members David Patiño, Jack Breslin, and Jake Garbe, as well as guitarist Evan Dibbs.

During our podcast Sean spoke all about his supporting band – The Boardwalk Fire – and the process they go through when creating their music. Although each band member has made their way to different parts of the globe, the group came together to produce this labor of love. It’s a bittersweet moment in Sean’s career. The album promises to be his most prolific and sonically progressive work yet; however, he has decided to make the trek to Nashville and plans to perform extensively throughout the fall and winter as a solo act.

Sean graciously performed acoustically for us, giving us a premiere performance of the soon-to-be-released single “Hail The Carpenter.” His lyrical storytelling coupled with the mesmerizing melody and his smoky vocals make this an exquisite tune that deserves to be on every music lover’s playlist! Tune in today and become immersed in Sean's story and his beautiful music!

Side Notes: 

*Sean can't get rid of APV that easily! He promises to join our podcast periodically in the future with his "Updates from Nashville" which we'll share with everyone! 

**And thank you to Diane's daughter - Julie DiMemmo - for joining us to say hello at the beginning of the podcast!