Asbury Park Vibes - KILLIN ME KID [Episode 53]

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APV recently had the opportunity to review the first two single releases from Killin Me Kid’s debut album Slightly Confused and Vaguely Amused. If you had the chance to read our review, then you know we love these guys. With the release of the album being March 5th, we were eager to get the chance to speak with them and we’re glad that we did.

Over the hour plus long conversation, we really got to learn a lot about Killin Me Kid. We received a history lesson on how the band formed and how it has morphed. We learned about their influences and what triggered their love of music. We learned why not to run a lawnmower indoors and how “being artistic” can explain anything. A great rock band with a great rock record that’s ready to roll.

So, hang out with us and have a listen to the latest episode of the Asbury Park Vibes Podcast. Killin Me Kid’s debut album, Slightly Confused and Vaguely Amused is set for a March 5th release. Make sure you check it out on all of the major streaming platforms. 

Matt Krantz -Host

Jesse Moneyhun, Jackson DiNucci, Kale Brown, Gary Brock  - Guests

Opening Podcast Music by Readymade Blakeup