Asbury Park Vibes - Jack "Hinge" Pitzer [Episode 57]

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Scene and Herd - Doug Dresher, Host

Asbury Park Vibes - Jack "Hinge" Pitzer

Jack "Hinge" Pitzer has been a driving force in the Asbury Park music scene for many years.  As a guitar monster or soundman extraordinaire, anyone who has experienced live music in AP most likely has heard his handiwork.

Like many of the people you meet, there is a fantastic story of how Jack got to where he is today.  Perhaps a redemption, or more of a realization, Jack Pitzer has moved from sleeping in the band van to owning a home with his lovely wife and loyal dog Scout.  He has rubbed elbows or did the sound for some famous bands.  He has toured both Europe and the United States.

As close as he was to the big time, he was far from knowing himself.  Please enjoy this conversation with Jack as we travel with him as he searched for the place he finally calls home.

Host - Doug Dresher

Guest - Jack "Hinge" Pitzer

Opening podcast music by Readymade Blakeup